Ghana Water Company has disconnected the Tap of Community Development Vocational and Technical Institute

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Ghana Water Company has disconnected the Tap of Community Development Vocational and Technical Institute at Sokorde Lokoe in Ho Municipality in the Volta Region, as the school owes an accumulated water bill since 2004, rendering students walk far distance in search of water.

Principal, Mrs Perfect Akua Fiakordzo calls for government, NGOs and stakeholders support.

Community Development Vocational and Technical Institute is a government institution which has trained over thousand women who are now in almost every parts of Ghana’s economy. Currently, the school’s enrollment is one hundred and forty nine.

In an exclusive interview with Mrs Perfect Aku Fiakordzo the principal of the institute, lack of fund is drawing the school back on its development since 1965 as the school was established.

According to her, since 2004, the school has being owing the Ghana Water Company and since the government says all institutions should pay their own bills, the school only depends on the internal revenue which at times students don’t normally pay.

She is therefore calling on the government, NGOs and all stakeholders to secure the institution and the students from suffering.

For the past one and half months, students have to walk far distance to get water leaving the campus which always disturbs the learning activities of the students in their studies. The main building also needs renovation because some of the ceilings are damaged.

Following the issue of water, the students walk a far distance to get water, I followed some of the students who were going to look for water as at the time I arrived at the campus, it took us 30 minutes plus to get to a point where they fetched the water.

To my surprise, cars also pass through the same water they fetch and anytime a car passes through the water, it makes the water dirty and contaminated and they have to wait till it settles. Some of the students could not hide their feelings about the situation.

One other devastating issue in the school according to her is lack of tables and chairs,inadequate classroom blocks and the security of the students as the school was not fenced .

She noted that, the department and the school tries to put up two buildings but lack of fund to complete the building has hot the construction as one reached its footing level.

For so many years now the buildings could not be completed and now even needs to be pulled down as parts of the uncompleted building developed some cracks.

The has not been fenced and encroachment of the school land has become a day to days activities for some residents around the school.

She is therefore appealing to the government to help fence the school to stop residents from parking cars and riding motors on the campus which distract the attention of the students when learning .

Mrs Perfect Aku Fiakordzo is therefore calling on the government to extend its hands to the school since one of their priority is on the vocational training.

She advised all those who think vocational training is only for people who are not academically good. Government and parents must encourage vocational training and support their children.

By Solomon Ahiable


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