The Aggrieved Members of the NPP party expressed their concern

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The Aggrieved Members of the NPP party expressed their concern, displeasure and disappointment about the circumstances surrounding the first and second nominations, election and eventually confirmation of Hon. Louise Agama as the DCE for South Tongu district.

We are concerned NPP stakeholders acting as the mouth piece for the mass of our aggrieved party members across the length and breadth of South Tongu. And we are convinced we are speaking for all well-meaning Tongu citizenry especially those who cherished justice, transparency, accountability, fairness and objectivity.

We are aggrieved and bleeding in our hearts as we see thick darkness engulfing our dear party in the region. We see a very bleak future for the party here in south Tongu unless the suppression and discrimination from the region stops.

We are therefore, not by any stretch of imagination, about questioning the President’s integrity for the choice he made; neither are we questioning the capacity of the DCE in relation the office he occupies, now that he has been confirmed as such.

All we are crying over is the pain in our neck about the entire conduct of his nomination leading to the confirmation.

Thus is the only way we can restore some confidence and hope back to the greater number of the now seriously disillusioned members of the party. It is the only way we can save the battered image and integrity of the NPP, our dear Party here in South Tongu district.

According to them, there is a huge disillusionment among the rank and file of party members in the wake of events leading from the contentious nomination, election and subsequent confirmation of the DCE.

The worse came when the EC completely under siege treated entire South Tongu electorate to a huge fraud on that fateful day 13th July, 2017.

The NPP was able to gather close to 4,000 votes, unprecedented in the South Tongu district, they noted.

The NPP at 2016 elections was able to gather close to 4,000 votes unprecedented. These votes certainly added to the total votes of the Volta region.

For Regional officers of the party going about patting themselves on the shoulder for the goof work, without appreciating the immense contribution of those gallant men and women who led the battles at the grassroot must be one of the greatest ironies of life. Can a single tree make a forest?

Challenges: Since 2013, the party has been going through turbulent and trying times.

Amidst all these difficult days however, the party managed to hold peaceful Primaries which we all hope was a signal to forge ahead in unison. But that hope became a huge mirage going forward.

The PC tried his best to bring the party together but all to no avail. This was largely due to uncompromising stance of majority the Constituency Executives.

They would not understand why the candidate of their choice lost the primaries. They went down the lane of frustrating the PC every step of the way, whiles sitting on the fence persistently complaining lack of from the Party Headquarters for campaign.

The executive joined the campaign trail by default as late as November, 2016 and within two weeks folded up.

“Whiles the PC was suffering every bit of personal resources for the campaign some key party members who call themselves gurus of the realm were sighted at Sokpoe, on the eve of the general elections, busily campaigning for a rival party. Have some baboons come chopping where monkeys worked?”

There are many questions than answers.
Fortunately, we have a listening President and we know his robust abhorrence for injustice, suppression and oppression and marginalization.

Our humble message to His Excellency, the president is that his children are under siege here in South Tongu. His Excellency, please come to our rescue.

Everything about his ascent to the position is contentious.The nomination first and second time, the accreditation for admission to the hall ,the heavy presence of fake security style as National Security ,the subtle connivance of the EC and swift count and declaration of result which broke the hearts and trust of the entire South Tongu citizenry.

We cannot be judged at our own court all we know is the day of reckoning will definitely come. They concluded.

By Solomon Ahiable


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