Dr. Tata Ephraim Amu lecture Held in Ho

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Dr. Tata Ephraim Amu memorial lecture and classic Africa night was held in Ho last Wednesday to mark his 118 birthday.

Here is a brief on Tata Amu.
Dr. Ephraim Amu was a renowned musicologist, poet, theologian, nationalist and a Pan–Africanist. He composed the Ghana national anthem into Ghanaian languages like Ewe and Twi.
Ephraim Amu was a teacher and a preacher whose work has brought so many changes in Ghanaian educational sector and cultural values.

Despite many challenges encountered, Dr. Amu stood firmed; a case in point was when he was asked by the whites not to use traditional cloth (Avor) to preach. As a man who valued his culture, instead of the suit, Amu rejected their warning and still stood firm.

He was disliked by the Paramount Chief of Akropong Ofori Kuma II for putting on traditional cloth to preach. For what he did, a former president of the republic of Ghana H.E.J.A Kuffour paid a glowing tribute to his memory in the following words “Amu single handed enriched the nation’s cultural asset by such an immeasurable measure that there’s no word adequate to describe it.

It was in this apparent recognition of his cultural patriotism that the government of Ghana decided to honour him by embossing his image on the Twenty Thousand Cedi note now the two Ghana cedi note as the highest denomination of the country.

Notable among his songs was “Miade Nyigba Lorlor La” and many others
The Tata Amu program was organized by World Time Limited, a multimedia company implementing the creative industry policy of the World Bank UNESCO and Cultural Renaissance Charter of the African Union to build a museum in Amu’s honour, for all that he did for mother Ghana.

In attendance were heads of department, senior citizens, lectures, students and the general public.

The lecture was on the theme, “Dr. Ephraim Amu the Pan-Africanist at 118” (past, present and the future)


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